Author: Glenlivethouse

The fashion industry is a multi million pound industry. There are changes in fashion often enough that people need to buy clothing on a regular basis if they want to stay with the current trends. There are a few classic designs that will stay in style for a few years, but these are rare pieces. Even basics of a wardrobe such as a black dress or skirt will go out of style because of its length or darting details.

Women have more of a challenge to stay in fashion. There are many more details to women’s clothing and also different expectations on what to wear for different settings. Men have a much more basic wardrobe. Men’s dress shirts may change in cut or collar size, but the variations are not very pronounced. For blue collar workers and those that have more casual work settings the basics rarely stand out as last year’s fashion statements. Like men’s dress shirts the cut of a jean or khaki pant may vary, but people are not going to be able to guess what year it was purchased.

Have you ever though about how much easier it is for men to be dressed appropriately? For men that work in a casual business dress office setting the same outfit can take them from one activity to another. A pair of khaki pants and a knit polo shirt is acceptable in the office, on the golf course, in church services and running errands. Name one outfit that a woman can put on that can be worn in all these settings and still be considered acceptable. There is not one. The same is true for formal settings. Men’s dress shirts can be worn with a trouser and tie and that outfit can take them from a board room to a restaurant to a night on the town. If a woman wears the same clothing from work to social settings she is looked down upon. Certainly our society is becoming much more casual in our dress; however the expectations on women remain to be different than for men. My husband has a few classic, well made shirts that he has worn for fifteen years that he purchased from Gibbs Menwear. The sad thing is that each time he wears it he is complimented on it. There is not one item of clothing that I could pull out of my closet from fifteen years ago that would be acceptable to wear today.

There are advanced ways to stay safe in this modern world of technology. You can virtually turn your home into a fortress if you really want to. And hey, maybe you do want to. It’s nothing to be ashamed of. With crime statistics through the roof now days, you’d have to be a fool not to want to beef-up home security. Trust me when I tell you there are simple ways to do this. What you need to do now is sort through your various options. Think Plexiglas windows, window security locks and alarms, CCTV cameras, durable door bolts, and flood lights to guard your home’s exterior. Yes indeed, it’s time to start getting your home secured from intruders and thieves.

It’s all about taking the right precautions. A wise man once stated that the words “I know it” hold much greater value than the words “I knew it.” We all want to prevent tragedies from ever taking place if we can. Especially tragedies that involve our loved ones. This is exactly why you should consider certain security measures for your home. I always suggest CCTV cameras. You can mount these compact devices around your home’s exterior, and then view your surroundings via a monitor or computer. It simply depends on where you run the video feed to. This is a very convenient way to keep an eye on your property and home. Imagine if you suddenly spotted a man attempting to break into your home by glancing at the CCTV cameras monitor. You could immediately get your family to safety and dial 911. Always remember to keep your cell phone handy in case of an emergency. Keep it by your bed in case the land lines are compromised.

Professionals will tell you that when purchasing home security measures, it’s no time to play cheap-skate. Invest in quality CCTV cameras to guard your home, and a decent alarm system that will sound if any opening is penetrated. There are many supplies of good quality home security systems, inclusing local electrical sore, Booth Scotland. Furthermore, anyone can afford simple flood lights, which illuminate if something moves in your yard or driveway area. In addition, I chose a surveying device that chimes when someone approaches my home. It’s very handy and you’re never snuck up on. Keep these things in mind when you’re upgrading your home’s security. These days you can never be too safe.